Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Something is Happening

Something is Happening was an art exhibition in the Mudd Gallery.  The show was a great experience and the snacks were off-the-hook.  A person who came to the show told me that my pieces looked really gross.... and they didn't even see the book I made....  The two pieces I hung were Wrinkle and Ankle. These were selected from a series of photos I took that captured images of the body so that they were not recognizable body parts.  The book I created was titled "Skins."  The book is collaged photos from my album Skins on Flickr, screenshots from the video footage from when I made the video Magnus, and other photos I took on my iphone of ink in a can.  I wanted the book to present itself as fragments of the Organ player's life even though the images I used are from unrelated times and of unrelated subjects, besides the theme of red and skin throughout the book.  I also think that the pictures of me are either full of movement or very still and reflective.  And by juxtaposing this with still images of ink, skin, and other abstracted body parts, i think it makes it seem like the organ player is seen as reflecting on the images or that's what they are seeing.

Cover of "Skins"

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