Thursday, March 16, 2017

This is a montage of found footage I made using clips from Sonny and Cher's variety show, The David Letterman show, and the news footage of Cher speaking at Sonny's funeral.

In this piece, I was interested in Cher and Sonny's relationship as performers.  Honestly, Sonny Bono sucks, his jokes weren't funny, and pretty much his only actions shown on their variety show were of him grabbing Cher's waist, stomach, or shoulders.  Cher makes most of the jokes that are funny and Sonny in multiple episodes tells Cher that she messed up her lines or was saying something the wrong way. It's interesting that Cher and Sonny lasted as an act together for so long, despite their minimal movement of dance or performance on stage.

Cher moved on (thankGOD) and did her own thing.

Also Cher's twitter is SO GOOD, check it out: @Cher A goddess, a genius

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